JMP® software

Visual. Interactive. Comprehensive. Extensible.

Prism are proud to be a certified JMP Partner for Statistical Consulting, Training, Customisation and Clinical Trials.

SAS JMP statistical software

JMP statistical software is made by SAS. It is visual and interactive, which gives users the ability to explore data dynamically and make statistical discoveries. Since 1989, scientists, engineers and other data explorers have been using JMP software to make their worlds better.


JMP software from SAS Institute Inc. combines powerful statistics with dynamic graphics, making it a popular tool for scientists, engineers and other data explorers in many different sectors. Features include; 

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Cleanup
  • Data Visualization
  • Basic Data Analysis
  • Group, Filter and Subset Data
  • Design of Experiments
  • Statistical Modeling
  • What-If Analysis
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Quality and Process Engineering
  • Consumer and Market Research
  • Sharing Results
  • Automation and Scripting
  • Making JMP Software Your Own
  • JMP software as an Analytic Hub: Integration With SAS® software, MATLAB and R

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What we think of JMP® software

JMP can do it all! An incredibly powerful, flexible and useful piece of kit!

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Make the most of JMP® software with our consultancy support

We've been using JMP for many, many years (and are recognised accordingly, as an official JMP Partner), so we're extremely familiar with bending it to our will!

If you'd like to learn how our statistical support could help you exploit JMP's DoE, MVA, basic stats, curve fitting.... etc... etc... functionality, then please don't hesitate to get in touch! You might also wish to take advantage of our JMP scripting expertise, which could enable you to automate routine tasks and/or extend JMP's already-impressive capabilities...


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Further information on JMP® software

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