Design of Experiments training

Design of Experiments Awareness
D001 - ½ day on-site / 1 online session

Available for online delivery!

Compare alternative design strategies and understand their respective costs, risks and benefits. Understand the alignment with initiatives such as Quality by Design and PAT (Process Analytical Technologies). See how Design of Experiments can lead to greater process understanding and the creation of a control strategy that can deliver proven acceptable (and workable ranges) to your customer.

Topics covered

  • Design of Experiments
  • Formulation, process and measurement systems knowledge
  • Effective resource management
  • Parameter investigation, optimisation, robustness,
  • Process understanding, control and capability
  • Predicted and proven acceptable ranges
  • Knowledge, Design and Control Space
  • Evidence-based decision-making and quality risk assessment
  • Alignment with Quality by Design and PAT initiatives

Software Tools Used

We regularly run this course using the following software packages, but please just contact us if you'd like to discuss using your current in-house tool instead:

We also use our own suite of interactive training tools in this workshop, including our simulation tool, ProSim.

Who should attend?

  • Managers, Project Managers, Scientists/Engineers not in the Lead User group, Sponsors.

Recommended Preparation

This is an introductory workshop. No preparation required!

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There are no public workshops currently scheduled for this course - please contact us to learn when we'll next be running it, or if you'd like to discuss an online or on-site delivery.