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We provide a wide-range of interactive statistical training courses to engineers, researchers, scientists and more. Designed for all levels of experience and knowledge, and delivered either online or on-site, we work to enable our clients to make the best use of their data and software tools. Please feel free to read our blog on how we've adapted our most popular courses for online delivery.

We're a certified JMP Training Partner, as well as being the preferred UK training partner for Stat-Ease's Design-Expert and Camo's The Unscrambler software packages.

Training Programme Flowchart

The interactive chart below shows a few popular routes that you could take to progress from statistical novice to experienced practitioner! Please note that the range of workshops is slightly limited for the time being, as we've reduced the number we offer in order to optimise the most popular courses for online delivery. Click on each programme's coloured box to view a list of its available courses below the chart...

If you'd prefer a more traditional list of our courses, then please view our workshop directory. We'd be more than happy to recommend the best off-the-shelf or tailored solution to meet your specific requirements, so please just drop us a line if you'd like to discuss your options with a human being!

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