Comments from previous workshop attendees...

I enjoyed learning about the theory behind DoE as it was clearly explained and gave a good explanation as to how the information was obtained and extracted from the results of designed experiments. I found the practicals useful as they encouraged us to think about what we were designing and what the graphs were telling us.
Really good course content and the right balance of discussion and practicals. I think the trainer did an excellent job of explaining complex topics in an easy to follow and straightforward way.
The course was practical-oriented which gave me confidence that I can apply the skills learnt to my own projects.
The impact of DoE was very well illustrated with practical and simulated examples. The hands-on sessions on JMP were also very useful, and not only in the context of DoE.
I found defining the statistical margin of error, the 95% confidence level that something is significant or not, particularly useful.
It was good to learn in small groups as the teacher could really concentrate on all of us.
The trainer was very receptive to the many questions which were raised during the course and answered most of them straight away. This made it easier for each person to relate the course to their specific situations.
I found the exercise were very good and helped understanding the theory.
I'll be able apply what you have learnt to my own area of work.
The course gave me a good overall view of DoE and the JMP software - it was great that the trainer tailored the course to our particular version of the software.
There was a good balance of slides and practical/worked examples to keep interest going.
One of the most useful things for me was gaining an understanding of what certain statistical software is capable of and what it is not so good for, so that in future I know when we can use it to add value to our projects.
I particularly enjoyed the case-based study and the whole design strategy from screening to RSM.
The level of depth was perfect for those new to DoE, and the gradual layering of more complex modelling made the course engaging and very easy to follow.
I have been thrown in at the deep end with DOE and JMP so this course really helped with bringing me up to speed on the decisions that people make when creating DOE and the logic behind on how they make those decisions. The modelling experiment we conducted with dissolving tablets was very powerful.
I thought the interactive exercises were really good as it allowed us to put into practise what we had learned about. The real life examples were also really good and illustrations of what you could get from the data.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought the content was really well structured. As someone who hadn't seen the software before I thought it was a good pace.
Slides printed out + exercises + solutions = a very effective way of transferring knowledge in a short time. Well done!
From a workshop featuring Unscrambler™
I particularly enjoyed the practical approach that was taken. It helped me grasp some of the tools that I would require towards my own experimental designs.
Learning how to use the software - even just to do a simple DoE - was really useful; prior to that I had no idea how to use it! Overall it was a really good course and I got a lot out of it.
DoE is the most impactful thing I’ve learned about since undergrad (I’d say more valuable than a PhD!). Thanks for teaching me these skills – the Prism course was excellent.
I really enjoyed all of it; the trainer was an excellent presenter and really helped me understand the key basics of DoE.
The exercises really helped us to understand theory.
From a workshop featuring Unscrambler™
Every section of the course added to the knowledge foundation necessary to understand the next. Nothing appeared superfluous. Also, our trainer was excellent at taking questions so nothing went unexplained.
The section on how to assess if a model is good or not and the different ways to analyse results from a DoE were very useful.
Our trainer had an amazing understanding and passion for the subject and was able to relate everything back to real world analogies which really helped – I usually struggle with statistics but found myself being able to follow most things on this course because of the time was taken to explain everything in terms I could relate to.
I appreciated the simulations: it was great that you could design & then do your own experiments quickly & easily. If only we could have a simulator for all our work!!!
The entire course was well structured and logically ordered. Each topic formed the foundation of knowledge necessary for the next topic. I particularly enjoyed the section on central composite design as I can see this approach being particularly relevant to the non-linear factors we are often working with in our field.
I particularly enjoyed comparing the different designs on the same problem and looking at the efficiency to identify the critical factors.
I really think my main enjoyment came from the quality of the instructor. I found it very useful to understand the basic concepts and implementation of DoE, and I look forward to applying this in the future.
I enjoyed the balance between hands-on DoE exercises and more theoretical parts.
The section on two level factorial and central composite design were particularly relevant to what we need.
The exercises designed for this course were very helpful for us to get familiar with the Unscrambler.
From a workshop featuring Unscrambler™
The explanation of the reasons for using DoE, and the benefits of doing so were put across very clearly.
Very well explained, great to have a trainer who can answer questions from real data, with great knowledge of the subject.
From a beginner perspective, I think that learning the basics was the most useful aspect of the course. The problems were also a great tool to embed learning; I thought the course was excellent, very well paced and the practical element kept everyone engaged.
I think the course was very useful and relevant. Our trainer did an excellent job in explaining the content of the course. He has great, in-depth knowledge about the software, which meant that he was able to answer our questions very well. He also put an effort in showing us all useful to us tabs and options in software which will be very helpful in our job.
The length of the course was good and the trainer was absolutely excellent. Our trainer was well informed on the scientific problems we were discussing and this was paramount to getting the most out of the course.
From a workshop featuring Unscrambler™
The trainer was great and I appreciated his skills explaining details and delivering the course. Thank you.
The content of the course and the quality of the presentation was excellent.
The fact it was very hands on was really good.
The use of DoE and sequence strategy in development of process model and learning how to scope the high low levels, and how to understand them in terms of the design, were all useful.
I found learning how to interpret the software output from a given design and learning how to set up and interpret an augmented design most useful. All the sections were presented in a logical order introducing new concepts of increased difficulty in a way that was easy to follow and understand. The trainer was an excellent communicator. I really enjoyed the course.
An excellent course, which was enthusiastically and clearly presented. I particularly liked the interactive presentation. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it.