Looking for statistical software?

Make the most of your tools with Prism!

We provide consultancy support and training courses for all the major statistical software packages, some of which are shown below.

We can extend and/or automate many of the off-the-shelf statistics packages, to help them fit your needs better - plus we can create bespoke or customised software solutions for you, in your preferred environment / language.

We have also made a selection of free online statistical analysis tools available in the Resources section of our website, which we hope you'll enjoy exploring and find useful!

  • We are the official UK & Ireland reseller for the statistical software packages Design-Expert® and Stat-Ease 360 from Stat-Ease.
  • We are a certified SAS JMP® Partner for Training, Statistical Consulting, Customisation and Clinical Trials.
  • We are part of the Minitab Consultant Programme.

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