Stat-Ease® 360

Stat-Ease® 360 augments Design-Expert® (DX) software with capabilities for data analysts, including Python scripting abilities and tools for design and analysis of deterministic computer experiments.

Prism Training & Consultancy Ltd are the official re-sellers of Stat-Ease 360 software for the UK and Ireland.

Stat-Ease 360 statistical software

Published by Stat-Ease, Inc. 

Stat-Ease® 360 augments the latest-release of Design-Expert® software with expanded capabilities for data analysts:

  • Python scripting – write automated scripts and custom code; combine the power of this high-level programming tool with Design-Expert in one seamless workflow,
  • Space-filling designs – ideal for computer experiments:
    • Latin hypercube designs featuring only one run at each level of every factor
    • Optimal (maximin, distance-based) designs evenly distribute points throughout the region
  • Gaussian process models – ideal for deterministic data, e.g., from simulations
  • Logistic classification – ROC curve plots and other graphical views

Stat-Ease 360 will be continuously improved, with new features released whenever ready – no delays! New exclusive additions include:

  • Excel Import/Export
    Users can now seamlessly connect with Excel to transfer factor levels and response data. 
  • Block Analysis
    Blocks can now be treated as random as well as fixed block. This facilitates more precise statistical analysis for uncontrolled variables such as lot-by-lot or day-by-day.

What we think of Stat-Ease® 360

All the user-friendliness of Design-Expert, but with supercharged functionality and extensibility... what's not to like?!?

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Our team has decades of experience using Stat-Ease software, and we are extremely good at helping our customers to choose the right design, then understand every nuance of the analysis!

To learn more about how our statistical consultancy service could help you make the most of Stat-Ease 360 - especially the more advanced design options and Python scripting functionality - please get in touch.


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Purchase Stat-Ease® 360 online

Purchase Stat-Ease® 360 online

We are the official reseller for Stat-Ease® 360 in the UK and Ireland. You can buy some of the most popular licences directly online below, or you're welcome to contact us if you'd like to discuss other licencing options including academic licences and costs relating to the upgrade of your existing licence.

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