Client Testimonial: John Griffin, GSK

John Griffin, Performance Improvement Leader at GSK, shares his experience of working with Prism.

Consultancy testimonial

"I am ashamed to say that in my early career as a university trained scientist I did not understand data and statistics. I did not understand what a standard deviation was nor why I should even be bothered about it. My scientific path was determined by comparison of means and I got frustrated that my work did not progress as I had hoped. I stumbled across variability and sought out a statistician who could help me, a non mathematically minded person, understand what statistics was all about. I found a statistician who I thought would help but just confused.

Then I was fortunate enough to find [Prism's Technical Director] Paul Nelson, who at that time was a colleague at GSK. He taught me statistics in a very practical way that really helped me see the world in terms of variables and why that should be of interest to me. Paul introduced me to the world of DoE which played a significant part in several programmes of work that resulted in the resolution of long standing problems and tangible business improvement.

I will never be a statistician but thanks to Paul I know some basics and I know that if you really want to be successful you really should make sure you know a really good, pragmatic and practically minded statistician who can talk in every day language. I could not recommend Paul highly enough especially if you are like me, scared of statistics but creating and analysing data is important in your role. I ended up getting a black belt in Lean Six sigma and leading a team of statisticians which would never have happened if I had not been fortunate enough to meet Paul."

John Griffin, Performance Improvement Leader, GSK

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