Consultancy support FAQs

Find answers to some of the most common questions about our responsive statistical support service!

I need help with statistics! Can you make sense of my data?

Yes, we can! Prism have provided statistical consultancy support to a wide range of customers for over 20 years, and we would love to help you too!

What support do you provide?

We provide our customers – whether they’re small start-ups, multinational corporations or CDMOs – with statistical consultancy support and advice. Whatever your background, sector or industry, the Prism team is equipped with the expertise and knowledge to assist you across a broad range of application areas – from Design of Experiments (DoE) to Process Capability, Method Development and Validation, Stability Studies, Process and Product Development, Technology Transfers and much more.

Why should I choose Prism for statistical support?

Our team of consultants – comprised of statisticians, scientists, trainers and software programmers – are knowledgeable practitioners of relevant solutions for industry, having gained direct experience as professionals within blue-chip organisations involved in discovery, research and development, clinical trials and manufacturing. Working with Prism gives you access to this wealth of experience; we’ll work with you to identify your support requirements and match the correct consultant to meet your needs.

I need statistics assistance with my project work, data analysis support or regulatory guidance – how do I go about getting it?

You’re welcome to call on our support as you require it. Once the necessary paperwork is in place, you can email us with your statistics queries, arrange remote / in-person consultancy sessions, and/or we can set up a secure, private statistical support forum to capture all relevant correspondence, files and support discussion. We’ll liaise with you via your preferred method until the requested tasks are completed.

My deadline was yesterday! How quickly can you help me?

We're used to dealing with challenging deadlines, and we're proud of our track record of exceeding expectations! We provide a highly responsive statistical support service; we will always do our utmost to give you what you need, when you need it.

I only need occasional statistical support; is that possible?

Absolutely! We recognise that many clients will only need periodic support and appreciate as much flexibility as possible; we usually work via an ad hoc arrangement, scheduling and providing support when required on a ‘next available slot’ basis. For those customers who would prefer more regular support, we also offer monthly packages to ensure a statistician is on hand when needed.

I don't want to outsource all of my data analysis; could you show me how to apply the relevant tools myself?

We would love to! We strongly believe that science + statistics should be a synergistic combination, so we're always keen to enable you to use the relevant methods yourself. We've mentored many scientists as they gain familiarity with statistical tools, and continue to act as a sounding board for many happy customers (our Consultancy page shows a few testimonials which reflect this).

We use a specific type of software in-house; can you still help us? Which statistical software package should I use?

We use a wide range of statistical software on a daily basis; if you’re using a stats package internally, it’s likely we’re familiar with it. We can also provide guidance on the best statistics software for your particular requirements; so, if you’re unsure as to the right tool for the job, please let us know.

How much do your services cost?

We work on a time and materials basis; once we’ve identified how to support you, we’ll provide an estimate for our services based on a daily rate. If you’re keen to proceed, we’ll work with you to get the necessary paperwork in place before allocating one of our team to support you. All work will be captured via time logs and invoiced monthly in arrears, ensuring you remain in control of your budgets at all time. Please contact us for further information and specific rates.

Alongside statistical consultancy support, my team would really benefit from some statistical training - do you offer this?

Yes! We deliver a range of statistics workshops to clients across various subjects; many of our customers find that arranging training in tandem with consultancy support is an excellent way to build up their in-house statistical expertise.

We hope that this page offers some helpful information on our statistical consultancy service, but please just get in touch if you have any queries - we'd love to hear from you!