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We have a proven track record of working in various application areas, and across a range of industry sectors.

  • Our statistics consultants can act as your in-house statistical support team, or we can augment your existing stats group to help you through the busiest periods.
  • Contact us whenever required, via email, phone or support forum.
  • Gain access to the expertise and experience of the entire Prism team, rather than being limited to any individual's set of skills.
  • We're familiar with all the main statistical software packages, so will work with your choice of package. Or, if you prefer, we can recommend a tool for the job.

What others have said about our consultancy support...

Tessa Therapeutics 210X80
Melvin Au
Senior Manager (Analytical Development)
Tessa Therapeutics

It is always a pleasure to work with Prism! Highly experienced team that always has an answer to our queries, for areas covering from analytical method qualification, process development, statistical analysis and regulatory guidelines related issues. Fast and prompt response (typically within 24 hours), delivered in a way that can be easily understood by any layman who has zero knowledge in biostatistics. My team is grateful to Paul and his team for all the help and support for the last 4 years as they had learnt so much during this time. Would not hesitate to recommend Prism to anyone who is looking for statistical consultancy!   

Chris Wells
Study Statistician
Roche Pharmaceuticals

Prism are SAS JMP Partners for Clinical Trials and Training who specialize in enabling companies in the use of JMP Clinical software. They have proven to be invaluable in the support they have provided Roche.

Kathy Harwood
Team Leader and DoE Superuser
Sai Life Sciences

Here at Sai Life Sciences, we have comprehensive in-house experience of DoE application to process development and design. This has been enhanced by our collaboration with Prism who have enabled us to embed DoE into everyday use by conducting training courses and supporting our superuser group to continuously build our knowledge and skills through coaching and troubleshooting sessions, often on live project studies.

It is very easy to request support and response times are super quick, which is crucial for a fast-paced global CDMO. The quality of consultation is always exceptional with a fun and informal style bringing statistics to life and rather than solving our problems for us, the emphasis is on teaching the skills to solve independently through coaching and discussion which has empowered our DoE Superusers to feel more confident in their ability to advise other scientists in more complex designs. I would highly recommend Prism for statistical consultancy and thank the team for all the fabulous training, coaching and support so far!

Martin Greaves
R&D Data Analytics Manager & Statistician
Domino UK

I have had the pleasure of working with Prism since 2012. The guys take a very friendly approach to both training and consultancy.

The Design of Experiments (DoE) training courses are superbly well paced and really allow attendees to appreciate what the subject is about. Examples are chosen to suit the audience including (where available) actual workplace examples to demonstrate application of the techniques and drive home their understanding. At Domino, we use the excellent SAS JMP software including mixture designs in our Marking Materials team and numerous of the other DoE design methods in other disciplines in R&D. Our course materials are written and delivered to demonstrate the use of this software.

Consultancy work is also an area of strength. I’ve worked with Paul Nelson, Technical Director for many years and have never failed to be impressed by his depth of knowledge of the underlying statistics and the quality of the solutions produced as a result.

Everything is always very well organised by the Prism team. As a result, the relationship of the last 7 years has been extremely beneficial to Domino Printing Sciences.

Mundi Pharma210x80
Senior Scientist

Every interaction we've had with Prism has exceeded expectations and always a pleasure. Paul, Andrew and Chris are brilliant! I’ve been delighted to recommend Prism’s comprehensive DoE and JMP training and consultancy to others without hesitation

John Griffin
Performance Improvement Leader

I am ashamed to say that in my early career as a university trained scientist I did not understand data and statistics. I did not understand what a standard deviation was nor why I should even be bothered about it. My scientific path was determined by comparison of means and I got frustrated that my work did not progress as I had hoped. I stumbled across variability and sought out a statistician who could help me, a non mathematically minded person, understand what statistics was all about. I found a statistician who I thought would help but just confused.

Then I was fortunate enough to find [Prism's Technical Director] Paul Nelson, who at that time was a colleague at GSK. He taught me statistics in a very practical way that really helped me see the world in terms of variables and why that should be of interest to me. Paul introduced me to the world of DoE which played a significant part in several programmes of work that resulted in the resolution of long standing problems and tangible business improvement.

I will never be a statistician but thanks to Paul I know some basics and I know that if you really want to be successful you really should make sure you know a really good, pragmatic and practically minded statistician who can talk in every day language. I could not recommend Paul highly enough especially if you are like me, scared of statistics but creating and analysing data is important in your role. I ended up getting a black belt in Lean Six Sigma and leading a team of statisticians which would never have happened if I had not been fortunate enough to meet Paul.

Steve Erb
Takeda Vaccines, Inc.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Prism. I believe you guys to be a cut above the rest and I will, given any opportunity, waste no time singing your praises to those I encounter. I thank you for all of the help you’ve offered and provided.