Continuing Prism's proud tradition of statistical innovation, we are extremely excited to announce what we believe to be the world's only - and best - virtual statistical consultant!

Designed from the ground up by our superb team of statisticians and programmers, NelsonBot5000® takes advantage of the latest advances in cutting-edge machine learning, to ensure that he provides the perfect combination of statistical insight and applied expertise. 

NelsonBot5000® is currently in beta mode, so we're soft launching him as an automated email-based "statistical concierge". This will allow us to gather data on common questions and use cases, while simultaneously providing you with FREE access to this remarkable resource.

In order to seek assistance from NelsonBot5000®, simply ask him your question in the text box below (please use "natural" language, as if you were asking a human statistician for advice - we need to train the algorithm to recognise "real world" terms and phrases). For example, you could ask him:

  • "How do I interpret a p-value?",
  • "How do I perform a t-test in Excel?", or
  • "What does a REML analysis do?"

To prevent abuse of this free service, please note that we require you to enter a valid email address. Your contact details will only be used to send you a single email, containing a direct link to your collated results pack (i.e. no follow-up sales calls, no mailing lists - no hassle whatsoever!). However, please apply common sense when using this publicly available tool, and do not include any confidential business or personal information in your question.

Thank you for your help in beta testing this exciting and innovative new tool; we hope you have as much fun using it as we've had creating it!