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Create your own Scoping Design for free - simply define your factors and responses below, select your design options and... that's it! This page will interactively produce your Scoping Design, which you can then download to your computer in your preferred file format.

For more information on how Scoping Designs can provide simple but important information about your chosen factors, ranges and responses, please read a brief introduction here.

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Here's your very own Scoping Design, lovingly built to your exact specifications! Try changing your factor / response details or design options above, to dynamically update your study below...

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After specifying your factors & responses, please tick the "Randomise run order" checkbox to enable the Download Design feature...

Once you've created your design and carried out its experiments, you can use your preferred graphing tool to assess the results (e.g. Design-Expert, JMP or Excel). Plot "Type" on the x-axis (ordered by Mild, Centre then Forcing), and your response(s) on the y-axis.

We hope that you'll find this free and interactive design creator helpful! If you have any feedback on it - or suggestions for any other web tools that you might find useful - then please contact us.

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