Free Tools

Analyse your own data, directly on our website, using our free statistical tools - no registration or download required!

From intuitive data visualisation to more complex statistical analysis, our suite of free statistics tools are available for those keen to explore - or simply gain better understanding from - their data. Please dive straight in and start exploring them, or scroll down for a brief summary of each tool!

Our ever-popular PCA 3D Visualiser allows you to visualise and explore multivariate data to better understand the relationships between a host of variables. The visualiser offers a number of interactive filtering and grouping tools, to help you to really understand your data and identify the most interesting observations.

Our Basic Statistics tool generates descriptive statistics and informative graphs in your browser - ideal when you want to summarise your data with more than just a simple average! The tool includes everything from histograms to boxplots, normality tests, one-sample t-tests and more.

Nested is a variance components analysis tool, designed to provide insight into which factors are causing variability in the your results. The information is relayed to you via intuitive graphs and comprehensive metrics.

And, finally, our new Scoping Design Builder provides an easy-to-use tool which interactively creates a scoping design from your factors and responses! Once you've finalised your choices, the design can be downloaded in a number of convenient file formats.


All of these tools are freely available to all, with no registration or downloads required!

If you're curious (or suspicious!) about our motives for doing this, please read this blog where we explain our thinking...