Prism's very own virtual laboratory simulation tool, used throughout our DoE training workshops.

Specifically designed for our Design of Experiments workshops, ProSim is a simulation tool that allows us to explore differing factor settings in the safety of our virtual laboratory.

By using different scenarios taken from a variety of industries – from fermentation to laser welding! – our workshop attendees can interactively explore the relationships between the inputs and outputs of a particular process or assay, without the fear of wasting valuable resource. Designs can be imported into ProSim from our customer’s preferred software package to simulate results, allowing us to highlight the improved efficiency and effectiveness that is possible by adopting a more structured approach to experimentation.

We can also incorporate client data into ProSim, to create bespoke models for company-specific interactive workshops.


If you're interested in learning how your team could benefit from ProSim and/or our DoE training, please feel free to contact us.