We unveil Prism's new look and website

A brand new identity and website for Prism

Published July 2016

We're delighted to finally unveil a fresh new visual identity along with a modern, easy-to use website which not only promises improved user interaction but also the opportunity to host a range of free online statistical tools alongside a wealth of educational content.

The implementation of a new, contemporary website provides us with an opportunity to do something different and special to attract, connect and communicate with both established and future clients’, explains our Technical Director Paul Nelson.

From the perspective of a website visitor, the most obvious improvements are in terms of clarity and ease of navigation. As an increasing amount of web traffic is coming from mobile devices, the new website is responsive to ensure a mobile-friendly experience. Excitingly, we’ll be creating new content on a regular basis, in the form of blogs, articles and videos – these will aim to illustrate our statistical expertise and experience, whilst also demonstrating our ability to communicate various statistical concepts in the straightforward and understandable manner that our customers appreciate.

One key aspect of our new website is its ability to host free-to-use, online bespoke statistical tools – something perfectly in line with our innovative and responsive approach to providing support to both existing and potential clients.

We’ve previously offered our own software tools as paid products, but we’ve now reached a stage where we’re keen to facilitate their widespread adoption by making them freely available as online analysis tools.  To allow this, we needed to create a new web platform to host them – this in turn presented us with an obvious opportunity to refresh and reinvigorate the company’s branding,’ says Managing Director Andrew Macpherson.

Behind the scenes, the website has been built on a powerful and flexible technology platform that will allows users to perform complex statistical analyses directly on the site. Recognising that confidentiality and data security are critical to our clients, the entire website uses an SSL certificate to ensure that all data remains encrypted, private and secure.’

Alongside the new website, you may have noticed we have a completely new logo and visual identity. Both clean and clear - which we like to think reflects our straightforward approach to dealing with clients - as well as being bold and colourful; a nod to our enthusiasm for our work, the simple and flexible design also manages to incorporate an element of the familiar, drawing on our previous logo to lend an element of familiarity for pre-existing clients.

We wanted a design that gave an immediate visual representation of “Prism”, as well as hinting at various statistical concepts and tools that our clients may be familiar with. The three triangles also represent our three core services: training, consultancy and bespoke software development,’ explains Andrew.

With the initial free online tools coming soon, you can imagine we're very excited about the future of the Prism. In the last 16 years we've built a global client list range from academic institutions to small start-up companies and large, multinational corporations in number of differing industry sectors - we intend to build upon this strong foundation in many different ways.

We’re in the business of demystifying statistics, statistical tools and software. At Prism we solve problems, and over the last 16 years we’ve built a reputation for providing  friendly, timely, efficient and flexible advice and support to a large client base ,’ says Paul. 

We’re in a world where the relevancy and the need for statistics is growing. Our new website, an updated business model, fresh marketing initiatives and more visibility to the services we offer will not only help promote Prism to a wider customer base, but also allow us to continue to support researchers, scientists and engineers in broadening and strengthening their experience of statistics; providing them with the necessary skills and abilities to solve real-life problems, whatever their industry or sector. It’s a very exciting time for the company.

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