Prism workshops bolstered by Basecamp support forum

On-site training packages include post-course support

Published November 2016

We’re excited to announce that all our standard on-site training packages have been extended to include access to a private support forum. Hosted by Basecamp, this secure space provides the recently-trained with a platform to share and discuss issues, successes and initial queries with Prism consultants and each other.

Paul Nelson, Technical Director at Prism, explains ‘all our training courses provide a hands-on learning experience in order to allow attendees every opportunity to get to grips with, and to confidently implement, statistical concepts and methodology – from Design of Experiments to Multivariate Data Analysis – using their preferred software and drawing from data sets relevant to their sector or industry.

However, one thing we have found in the 16 years we have been delivering such training is that design and data analysis outside of the classroom isn’t always straightforward back at the workplace, particularly the first time. We believe we are adding much more value to Prism's workshop offerings; by providing this forum we are lending a helping hand to all our course attendees to help them to begin to apply what they’ve learnt to their own work. We will just be a post or a call away.

Prism’s team of consultants and trainers are on-hand to provide assistance with post-course questions or requests, whilst more in-depth or complex requests can be facilitated via our flexible ad-hoc support services. The forum also provides a platform for us to upload materials pertinent to both pre- and post-workshop use, from copies of course handouts to training certificates and practical exercises. This, we believe, offers our clients and participants a much more rounded, complete and beneficial support package. 

By providing this additional service, we want to ensure participants and organisations have every chance to implement the new skills they learn during our courses into their daily working lives. After all, we recognise that learning doesn’t stop at the end of a workshop – in fact, we believe it shouldn’t; it’s an on-going process. Our company ethos is to enable scientists, engineers and formulators the opportunity to make the best use of our statistical support and services in order to build up their own in-house statistical support network. We want to inspire and encourage communication about joint aims, and inject confidence in the internal use of statistics. 

For further information on the training packages we offer, take a look at our workshop directory for a full break-down of our ‘off-the-shelf’ courses and overviews. If you require more tailored or specific training, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your needs.

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