Free Scoping Design Builder now available

New addition joins our growing suite of free statistical tools

Published April 2020

We've unveiled the latest addition to the free statistical tools we provide on our website; the Scoping Design Builder.

Many of our clients will be familiar with applying Design of Experiments (DoE) to their work; allowing them to collect information-rich data to improve the productivity and efficiency of their processes. In some cases, as part of this DoE approach, we'd recommend running a set of baseline experiments (a scoping design) to help determine whether the equipment and method, together with the factors and ranges they're interested in, are likely to achieve the desired goals repeatedly. 

"When you have little resource and knowledge, a small carefully chosen scoping design can generate data to provide confidence in whether the proposed factors and ranges will help you to achieve your response goals. Including replication may also give you confidence, or otherwise, in the repeatability or reproducibility of your process or measurement system. As initial designs in a sequential DoE strategy, I have seen scoping designs help many experimenters establish experimental spaces worthy of committing their time and materials toward as part of a full experimental campaign", says Dr. Paul Nelson, our Technical Director.

To enable everyone to create their own scoping designs, we’ve produced a free web-based Scoping Design Builder - simply define your design options and the tool will interactively produce a design (which you can then download to your computer in your preferred file format).

Our customers have often commented that it’s surprisingly tricky to set up such basic designs, so we hope that this web app will simplify the process! We know that scoping designs aren’t the solution to every problem, but we do feel that they have a place in the DoE toolkit and hope that by making them readily accessible, people will find it easier to benefit from them”, adds Andrew Macpherson, our Managing Director.

The Scoping Design Builder joins our innovative, powerful and secure Basic Statistics and Nested online statistical tools. They're all free to use and there's no download required! We continue to make these tools available as part of our on-going commitment to demystify statistics; we want to enable people to easily explore, and ultimately gain understanding from, their data. We consider providing easy-to-use tools for free via our encrypted website as a step in the right direction to achieving this.

If you would like any further information on our statistical support services, whether that's consultancy assistance with a particular problem, statistical workshop delivery, or software customisation, please do contact us. Likewise, if you have any queries or comments about our free tools, we're all ears!

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