Blog: How secure is my data?

Our free online tools allow you to analyse and visualise your own data, but how concerned should you be about posting your confidential data to our website?

Written by Andrew Macpherson, Managing Director.

In recent times, there has been an increasing awareness of the danger of sharing our data. This is clearly of the utmost importance when handling your company's confidential and business-critical data, so we fully understand why you may feel concerned about submitting your data to an external website like ours.

We offer a range of free online tools that can be used to analyse and visualise your data, but this understandably prompts a number of questions:

  • What are the risks associated with using our tools?
  • Is your data vulnerable to interception and/or hacking?
  • Are we capturing your data, and if so what are we doing with it? If not, where's the catch with using our free tools?

The short version is that we are doing nothing at all with your data, other than enabling you to analyse it; we are not monitoring it, we are not capturing it in any way, and we have no intention of ever doing so.

Whilst we (or anyone else) can't claim that the internet will ever be 100% secure, we believe that we're taking all reasonable precautions to look after your data. Our website is protected by an SSL security certificate, which means that any information passing between your browser and our server is protected with 256-bit encryption. Depending on your web browser, you should see a padlock icon in the address bar above, to indicate our valid certificate. We therefore believe that there is minimal risk in submitting your data to our website.

When our tools analyse your data, the encrypted results are immediately returned to your browser to be rendered locally on your machine - the data only resides on our server for as long as is required to perform the analysis, which is typically a matter of milliseconds. As soon as the analysis is complete, our server retains absolutely nothing.

Admittedly, like many other websites, we do use Google Analytics to track the activity of our website visitors, but this only provides anonymous metrics about the general usage of our website - it records nothing about any data that is submitted via any of our analysis tools.

We are fortunate and proud to work with an incredible array of clients - all of whom rely upon our trustworthiness and confidentiality, so we are fully aware of the importance of protecting their intellectual property rights. We view every visitor to our site as either a valued client or a potential new one, so would never knowingly do anything that may risk the security of anyone's data.

So, what's the catch? Honestly, we don't believe that there is one. You can read about our motivation for providing free online analysis tools here, and we hope that you'll give us sufficient benefit of the doubt for us to earn your trust.


We hope that you will find our selection of Free Tools useful, but if you have any questions or concerns then please just contact us. We strive to offer complete transparency in every aspect of our business, so would be very happy to discuss our website policy (or anything else) with you.

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